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Innovatum - the world's most experienced supplier of magnetic submarine cable & pipeline detection systems


Our products are the result of over 30 years of continual development. This is our current range:



The Cable and Pipeline Survey Tool, offering passive magnetic, active A.C. and active D.C. tracking techniques.

Go to "Manuals" to download the Smartrak manual.

Download the Smartrak datasheet in PDF Format.



Innovatum Smartsearch is a underwater survey system providing highly detailed magnetic mapping both in marine and land environments.

Go to "Manuals" to download the Smartsearch manual.

Download the Smartsearch datasheet in PDF Format.



Innovatum offers a magnetisation service, using its latest magetisation system which enables passive tracking of unpowered, armoured and unarmoured submarine fibre optic cables, power cables, umbilicals and small diameter pipes.

Download the Magnetisation datasheet in PDF Format.

Tone Generator

Tone Generator

Innovatum Manufactures a universal tone generator suitable for injecting low frequency AC signals into cables, to enable location and tracking in Active AC (Tone) Tracking Mode.

Go to "Manuals" to download the Tone Generator manual.

Download the Tone Generator datasheet in PDF Format.


Innovatum Ltd's Inshore Survey Division, specialising in shallow water surveys of all types of submarine cables and pipelines.

Download the Submagnetix Survey datasheet (PDF).




Innovatum Manufactures a small light weight data transmission multiplexer, designed to assist users of small ROV systems to interface and power additional sensors.

Download the SMARTMUX datasheet in PDF Format.

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