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News: SMARTRAK integration with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Smartrak brings buried pipeline & submarine cable tracking to the AUV

  • Innovatum has carried out successful testing, including autonomous operation of the SMARTRAK system fitted to an AUV.
  • This enables the AUV to navigate to the target cable or pipeline, follow it and measure position, including "Depth of Burial"
  • Applications include survey of submarine pipeline (oil, gas and water), energy cables (wind farms & interconnectors) and communications cables.
  • System integration included both hardware & software elements.
  • Data may be recorded in the AUV and retrieved post dive for display and analysis.
  • The SMARTRAK testing indicates the SMARTSEARCH UXO location system may also be used with AUV's.
  • Innovatum has developed a standard AUV data interchange protocol for use with SMARTRAK

For further information contact Terry Slater at terry@innovatum.co.uk, or Rob Nunn at robert@innovatum.co.uk


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