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Innovatum - the world's most experienced supplier of magnetic submarine cable & pipeline detection systems


INNOVATUM widens AUV capability to include cable and pipeline tracking.

AUVs can now be prepared to use INNOVATUM SMARTRAK for cable and pipeline tracking missions. Recent, successful tests demonstrated fully autonomous Passive magnetic tracking of a submarine cable by AUV, using Smartrak. INNOVATUM has released the AUV Data Protocol for a standard communications format between Innovatum Smartrak and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. The Data Protocol allows operators and manufacturers of AUV to prepare their AUVs for cable and pipe tracking tasks. The Data Protocol Document is available and free to download from INNOVATUM.

AUV-compatible SMARTRAK units will also be available for rental from INNOVATUM.

Reducing the cost of locating offshore wind farm cables, both export and in-field cables, will play a significant part in overall cost-reduction during contstruction and subsequent maintenance of Offshore Windfarms. Use of AUVs to perform such tasks will contribute to lowering costs.

INNOVATUM Ltd. is a UK company that designs, manufacturers and operates the only commercially successful, compact low-powered cable and pipeline tacking system: SMARTRAK, which is now also available in an AUV compatible version.

Contact: Terry Slater at  terry@innovatum.co.uk or Rob Nunn at robert@innovatum.co.uk

The image below shows the Smartrak system deployed on the front of an AUV. The dark-coloured Smartrak gradiometers can be seen mounted downwards on the white mounting frame. The sensors are fitted with fairings to reduce drag through the water. The AUV is flown close to the seabed during tasks.


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